Kambo is an extremely powerful medicine used by many different tribes throughout the amazon. It is the venom of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog, which is abundant and remains unharmed during the venom collection process. The venom has a purgative action upon application. This action can be very strong and has a major cleansing and transformative affect on all types of bodily processes. You can learn more about the physical benefits of kambo here and here.

While these physical affects are wonderful, and even sometimes verge on the miraculous, Kambo also acts strongly upon the mental and energetic bodies. The mental and energetic affects can be felt for weeks and even months afterwards. With awareness and intention these affects can be applied in many ways.

While I serve kambo using traditional ceremonial practices I am obviously not from the Amazon nor am I deeply involved with any traditional groups. I was trained by Sebastian Hansen who is focuses on synergizing kambo with ayurveda. My interest is in combining this powerful medicine with other types of therapy and amplifying the possibility for self-development. The qualities of Kambo that make it useful as a therapeutic adjunct are two-fold: it strengthens energetic field while also clarifying the mind. I like to think about this in the way that the venom works for the frog: it sits upon the skin like a protective coating. Predators see or taste this venom and bypass the frog due to this protection. Upon application of the venom it does the same thing for the human energy field: amplifying the protective energetic shield we all have. Just like the frog, who is a very chill little guy, the security and relaxation the protective coating brings helps the mind to focus more easily and intently.

The physical benefits of the venom create an excellent environment for inner exploration. Traditionally kambo is served and the receiver is supported throughout the purgative process but there is no interaction beyond that. My goal in serving kambo is to offer aftercare in a variety of ways. Ideally, after a kambo session we meet  (in person or online) 1-3 weeks afterwards and have a therapeutic session. This may involve energy release, past life regression, or other hypnotherapeutic techniques– all of which can be extremely effective with the clarity and energetic awareness that kambo brings.

My approach is to serve kambo one-on-one or in very small groups of 3 or less. Other people tend to serve large groups of 4-20 and provide support only on that day. I prefer to work in small groups and spend more time focusing on the intention for the ceremony and the reason for bringing this dynamic medicine into one’s life. This awareness aids in the transformation, during both the application process as well as in the weeks afterwards. It is our compass as we move through the transformationing process together.