While there are many techniques, tools and programs that assist one to change, the choice for transformation exists only within oneself. If you have found your way to this page then you probably have tried lots of different types of  self work. With all of the tools and techniques available the most difficult part is often finding the time to integrate them into daily life. Having the motivation to change can be easy, being consistent about practicing is not.

My role is to support you in activating your chosen transformation. Whether it is feeling happier, addressing a particular pattern, going through a major life transition, or something else, our time together is a way to prioritize your personal energetic goals.

How we meet

Where, when, and how we connect changes as needed.  The support I provide comes in an expansive form of therapeutic interaction: I am available to you for a full day, and what we do together flexibly fits into your schedule. We might spend any amount of time together for that day, and we might use any of a number of techniques or do different activities during that day. If you have a large block of time while on an overseas flight and want to do focused work, we can do that. If you are super busy and want 5 minute check-in calls throughout the day I am available for that.  I will come to you if possible, travel with you if you prefer, I have an office we can meet in, or we can connect over Zoom or the phone. If you would like a personal retreat we can schedule consecutive days at a location of your choice.

Our focus is tailored to your overall goal conjoined with what is happening for you in the moment and your available time frame.  Perhaps you simply need to vent during a quick phone call, maybe we do deep hypnotherapy together, go on a walk in nature, I do some energy work on you, or teach you a technique. Together we incorporate your inner growth into your daily life.


When we meet we are working with whatever is happening in your life at that time. This mode of playing together takes a commitment; you are prioritizing your energetic satisfaction, even when life feels extra bumpy, or wonderful, or overwhelmingly busy.


We make an initial schedule and then stick to it. We begin with a  6-8 day agreement. We might meet once a month, 1 day a week, or perhaps we meet 3 days in a row, together we choose any configuration that feels right for you.

During your scheduled day we meet at your availability: perhaps it is very early or quite late, or we don’t meet at all. It is up to you. I charge the same day rate regardless of the amount of time we spend together or which techniques we use. We incorporate the paradigms and practices you already know and enjoy while introducing new methods as our process together unfolds.

To Begin

If you would like to engage yourself in this kind of personal transformation then please contact me for an initial consultation. We will meet to discuss the possibilities, see if we connect and then you can choose whether to pursue your inner growth in this way.

Carly Ptak

Who I am

It is always my goal to lovingly assist you in your process, whatever twists and turns it may take, while offering tools, techniques and emotional support. The main qualification I have for working with you is my natural talent for acceptance while exploring within darkness and finding the light.  I have been doing this since 2007 and am continually shifting my professional practice as my own transformations unfold.

I have lived within many worlds and appreciate all lifestyles and choices. I am consistently gathering energetic knowledge and techniques and am proficient in: Advanced Hypnotherapy, Evolutionary Astrology, Energy Release, Tantric Yoga, Sacred Anatomy, Entheogenic Exploration, Alchemical Qigong, Past Life Regression, Crystal and Sound Therapy, Big Leap Coaching, Life Between Lives Regression, Matrix Energetics, Holy Fire Reiki, Sedona Method and more. I have studied directly with Tao Semko, Kaypacha, Katie and Gay Hendricks, Dr. Michael Newton, Sebastian Hansen, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Duncan Laurie, Randall Churchill, Desda ZuckermanTim Kelley and Sandra Walter. I also hold a degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan.


I look forward to connecting with you.