Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine (SAEM) is a detailed system that uses precise clearings, alignments and procedures to bring the Human Energy Structure (HES) into balance. Unlike many other energy modalities which specifically focus on the human electromagnetic field (or aura), SAEM recognizes and works with subtle energy as well.

As traditional medicine already knows, the physical body is a complex whole made up of overlaid systems (circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system, etc). The Human Energy Structure is similar in that it also contains distinct systems that have very specific functionality. Some of the systems in the HES are the Layers system, the Bones of Light, the Elimination System and the Electromagnetic Field. The 7 systems of the HES extend 20ft all around the physical body and are intelligent, adjustable, and measurable using SAEM dowsing techniques. Access to this intelligence allows you to more clearly and consciously interact with each aspect of your authentic self.

Sacred Anatomy is useful because it relates to all parts of the human experience and can address a wide variety of issues. The clearings and adjustments that are a part of every session get to the heart of everyday issues such as feeling purposeful, addressing negative behavior patterns, relationship issues, physical discomfort and integrating spiritual awakenings. Given the chance, the energetic structure wants to shift into healthy balance and can transform in ways that the conscious mind is unaware of. The clearings and procedures we use together may seem directly or indirectly related to your everyday problems, either way the results can be astounding.

Desda Zuckerman is the founder of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine and has spent her life studying and mapping the subtle energy surrounding all living things. She is able to physically see subtle energy and is dedicated to bringing forth Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine as both an ancient and new form of healing. I have had the honor and delight of training with her directly and am a certified Level II Practitioner.

A Sacred Anatomy session is an interactive process focused on noticing the state of your HES and adjusting it. Throughout the session I use a dowsing rod to scan and measure different parts of your structure and observe how they change as we go through the procedures together. There are a large array of procedures with a wide range of focus; sometimes we clear or repair specific systems within your structure and at other times we focus on relieving issues like karmic wounds, soul path congestions or life patterns. All that you have ever been is contained within your structure and ready to communicate with you.

A large part of every session is education; you begin to learn about the unique details of your structure and are provided with specific techniques so that you can notice and manage your own structure in a practical daily way. SAEM techniques are especially useful for choosing and maintaining healthy energetic boundaries with other people and places.

It is easy to have an SAEM session over Zoom or the telephone. I simply create an energetic thoughtform of your HES and scan that to take measurements and pulses. I sometimes prefer it over working in person because I can more easily manage my awareness of your huge energetic structure!

The holistic nature of SAEM leads us to work together toward spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical balance while expanding your self-awareness and self-acceptance. My role is to create a space for transformation without agenda; to witness you as the divine and perfect spark of Creation that you already are!

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Carly is a highly skilled and masterful professional. I am grateful to have found her.

Dave Solomon