After years of having names for certain appointments I have decided to change my appointment scheduling to the amount of time we use. Rather than picking the type of session I have found that it is easiest to focus on the issues you are addressing and the outcome that you are looking for. When we focus in that area and leave ourselves open to exploration the most beneficial techniques present themselves naturally. I have also eliminated introductory sessions. In my experience the work we do together is effective right from the first session no matter what level of experience you have with this type of work. Your motivation to transform is the most important factor, when that is high then the rest easily fits into place.

I enjoy being efficient and I see clients usually from 1-4 times. I recommend a 3 hour first session, especially if you have a number of different issues you would like to address, but a two hour session can be adequate. Usually after the first session all sessions are two hours.

Unless stated otherwise all sessions (except for kambo) are held online through Zoom videoconferencing. Meeting online is as effective as being in person, in fact it can sometimes be easier as it allows you the opportunity to create your own comfortable setting in which to enjoy the session. Feel free to email at with any scheduling questions or concerns.