Hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective tool for transformation because it allows us to find the root cause of your issue and imagine a new way of being. I have been a practicing hypnotherapist since 2007, and find it to be a wonderful base for expanding into other modalities. Hypnotherapy encompasses many different tools for working with the inner self, and all of them lead to a wider sense of wholeness. It comes as a surprise to some clients that hypnotherapy can also be playful and FUN- there’s no right way to imagine!!

All of my sessions include speaking while under hypnosis; some of the main techniques I use are parts therapy and childhood regression. They are excellent tools for releasing stuck patterns of behavior. Both of these techniques explore unexpressed emotions and allow our subconscious self to experience new ways of perceiving. I find them to be especially effective when working with anxiety and depression.

I specialize in spiritual hypnotherapy. I work regularly with Past Life Regression and in 2011 I became certified in Dr. Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives technique. One of the main goals of spiritual hypnotherapy is to connect with the superconscious self– some people call this the higher self, spirit, or soul. Once we do this together it is easy for you to continue this connection on your own. With the assistance of the higher self and guides we can explore past experiences as well as the big questions connected to life choices and life purpose. It is amazing work that often brings transformation in surprising ways!

Another of the gifts of connecting in these ways is that neither of us need to know or plan exactly what we are going to do in a session. What is most important and beneficial for you is what will present itself first– whether it’s past life regression, energy release, childhood work or something else– the stuck part is clearly present and leads the way toward it’s source once we connect with it and create space for exploration. We go from there using the tools and techniques most appropriate at that moment. This is the reason that I have chosen to structure my appointments around the amount of time we use rather than the specific technique– allowing our time together to be open creates more ease in the transformative process.

I am so grateful to have found Carly. I had stopped driving completely due to panic issues. Come to find out, it was something that could be cleared up in ONE session. I was driving again the next day!

Susan Frey