Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is a wide field with many possibilities for application. Together we might have a session focused in a therapeutic sound technique, or mix it in as we use other modalities. This is a new area of therapeutic exploration for me, and so far the results have been incredible!

One of the important things to know about sound healing is that it extends far beyond pretty sounds that make you feel good (though that happens too!). Sound is the most direct way to create vibration, which is the basis of all that we experience.

Vocalizing can be one of the most efficient ways to effect change as your body responds most to your own voice. Together we might spend some time focusing on developing your commanding voice or to releasing emotions that are stuck in the physical body. 

We might use tuning forks on acupressure points or place metal singing bowls on your body. Drumming is a powerful effector of change, and if it feels right we might engage in the shaking medicine together.

Perhaps after talking, exploring, and shifting you lay down and I play crystal bowls and other instruments to allow all of the shifts to integrate and settle. (It’s so much better than walking in a daze to your car!!)

I have a wide range of tools including a large gong and aTibetan lingham bowl that you can stand in and feel the vibrations emanate through your entire body. I also have a sound pillow which you can hug as cymatic vibrations play from it. Using sound in a therapeutic manner can be both serious and playful as you move toward balance and inner resonance.

In 2022 I trained at the Globe Institute of Sound Healing, which is the only state certified school of sound healing. Each of the 10 instructors were at the top of their game and I learned so much!

Since then I have been enjoying adding a more direct connection to vibration to each session as the possibility arises. Including sound during a session has brought new life to everything that I do and I look forward to exploring it with you!

Carly is professional and gifted, with a demeanor that put me totally at ease. The experience I had surpassed any expectations I arrived with, and left me feeling clean and vital, mentally clear and physically rejuvenated, ready to make a fresh start.

Jaqueline Dandelion