While there are many techniques, tools and programs that assist one to change, the magic of transformation exists only within you. Allowing yourself into the place of letting go of the stories, the pain and the wounds is a process that lasts a lifetime and includes many wonderful and joy-filled plateaus.

My work is to assist you in your personal energetic transformation. I recognize that the markers of success, fame, or fortune rarely indicate inner peace, and our focus is to assist you in creating space for inner peace.

That assistance comes in an expansive form of therapeutic interaction: I am available to you for a day each week in a way that fits into your schedule. If you are free all day and want to do focused work as well as take a walk in nature, that is great. If you are super busy and want 5 minute check-in calls throughout the day I am available for that. I will travel with you or come to you if possible, otherwise we meet online through Zoom. Our therapeutic process shifts depending on the moment: perhaps you simply need to vent, maybe we meditate together, I do some energy work for you, lead your through parts dialogue, or teach you a new technique. It is all tailored to what is happening for you in the moment and within your available timeframe.

This mode of working takes a commitment; the commitment is to your growth, even when life feels bumpy, or wonderful, or overwhelmingly busy. Hiring me to be your Personal Energy Assistant starts with a minimum 1 day a week for 8 weeks agreement. During your scheduled day we meet within your availability: whether it’s a 3 hour early morning session, a 15 minute video check-in at 11pm, having lunch together or we don’t meet at all. It is up to you. I charge the same day rate regardless of the time we spend together or which techniques we use. On your day I will do my best to travel to you or with you, if that is not possible then we will meet online through Zoom or over the phone.

If you would like to consider this method of personal growth more deeply then please contact me for an initial consultation. We will meet to discuss the possibilities, see if we connect and then you can choose whether pursue your inner peace in this way.
Carly Ptak

The main qualification I have for working with you is my natural talent for exploring within darkness and finding light. It is always my goal to lovingly assist you in your own process, whatever twists and turns it may take, while offering tools, techniques and support in every way I have available. I have been doing this since 2007 and love to hold the space of acceptance within which transformation unfolds.

I have lived within many worlds and appreciate all types of lifestyles and choices. I am consistently gathering energetic knowledge and techniques and am proficient in: hypnotherapy, evolutionary astrology, energy release, tantric yoga and alchemical qigong, past life regression, crystal and sound therapy, Big Leap coaching, Life Between Lives regression, matrix energetics, reiki, Sedona Method and more. I have studied directly with Tao Semko, Kaypacha, Gay and Katie Hendricks, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Duncan Laurie, Randall Churchill, Tim Kelley and Sandra Walters.

I look forward to connecting with you.